Girl recoils from heat pump noise

Heat pump noise, should you be concerned?

There’s a lot to love about them if you’re like many homeowners, you may be concerned about heat pump noise. No one would want to install an appliance that drowns out the peace of their home, no matter how effective it was. The good news is that heat pumps generally aren’t as loud as people think they will be. But only if they’re properly planned and installed. 

How heat pumps work

There are two types of heat pumps that you can install on your property. One is a ground source heat pump; the other is an air source heat pump.

An air source heat pump looks like an air conditioning unit. It draws heat from the outside air before turning it into a gas that is pumped around the property. They tend to be noisier than ground source heat pumps, but it’s a negligible difference. Properly installed, an air source heat pump will not produce a disruptive level of noise

Ground source heat pumps collect heat from, as the name suggests, the ground. The lack of a fan unit makes it quieter than an air source heat pump. It’s not totally silent since some of the parts of the pump do produce noise. But it’s generally not something you notice. It is quieter than a traditional boiler, for instance.

How much noise do heat pumps make?

Heat pumps can produce around 40 – 60 decibels of sound when they’re in use. Butd how much noise your heat pump makes will depend on the type of model that you purchase, as well as other factors. A standard heat pump tends to sound like a mixture of an in-use microwave and a desk fan.

You wouldn’t want to live with this sound in your bedroom or living room, but that’s not what your heat pump will be. The vast majority of homeowners that install a heat pump do not have any issues with noise.

How to reduce heat pump noise

The homeowners that do have noise issues with their heat pumps generally do so because of a few common mistakes. 

You can keep the noise levels to a minimum by working with a professional company to plan and install your heat pump. They’ll know the right type of appliance you need and, most importantly, where to put it. All heat pumps produce at least some noise, but so long as it’s located in a place where you or your neighbours do not hear it, then it’ll be fine.

An experienced heat pump company will perform an assessment of your home to determine the correct position to place the pump before installation.

Heat pumps; the benefits outweigh the noise

Even if you had to contend with some noise, which is unlikely, it could still be worthwhile adding a heat pump to your home. A little bit of noise is a fair exchange for all the benefits. But when there’s likely to be no disturbing noise, the decision to add one becomes even more logical.

Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that are encouraging UK homeowners to add heat pumps to their properties.

Reduce your energy bills

With energy prices rising all the time, there’s never been a better time to look at alternative ways of heating your home. Heat pumps are not subject to the gas and oil market. Neither of those substances is involved in the heating process. If you’ve been looking at ways to escape the volatile energy market, a heat pump could be an excellent solution.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The main reason the UK government is supporting the installation of heat pumps is that they’re much more energy efficient than other forms of heating. They also use cleaner energy. Heat pumps take cool air from the atmosphere and heat it up using energy efficient processes. They then distribute it around your property. That’s a much smoother process than other systems that you may use. 

It’s cost-effective

Installing a heat pump today won’t just save you money in the future. It’ll save you money now. The UK government has introduced a scheme that offers vouchers for UK homeowners who wish to replace their gas and oil boiler systems with a heat pump. The scheme, which will run for three years, will allow for up to £5,000 in savings from installing an air source heat pump and £6,000 when installing a ground source heat pump. Installations of heat pumps are also subject to 0% VAT for the next five years.

It’s an investment in your property

Installing a heat pump isn’t just an investment in the future of the planet. It’s also an investment in your home. Heat pumps are likely to be the future of heating in the UK. By adding one to your property, you’ll be future-proofing your home and possibly enhancing the value of your property at a time when government incentives make it as cheap as possible. 


It’s understandable that homeowners would have concerns about the noise of a heat pump. Nobody wants to make a positive change to their property only to find that it brings unexpected negative consequences.

But happily, these concerns are largely unmerited. Your heat pump will produce some noise, just like the majority of other home appliances. But so long as it’s a good machine, and has been installed in the right location, it’s not something that will interfere with your life. If the potential noise issue of a heat pump has been putting you off, please rest assured it needn’t be.