European Heat Pump Association Report shows heat pumps in Europe

Heat pumps in Europe – new report shows subsidies available

The European Heat Pump Association has released a complete overview of heat pump subsidies in the EU, UK Norway and Switzerland and it makes for interesting reading.

If you thought that the UK government was the only government pushing heat pumps aggressively you were wrong. The European Heat Pump Association has released a report showing what government help is available over the EU and EEA. It’s interesting to see how heat pumps in Europe are treated.

France and Germany are some of the most generous of all the countries installing heat pumps in Europe. France offers grants of up to €15,000 for ground source heat pump installation and €9,000 for air source heat pump installation. Germany is offering up to €18,000 until 2030 for air source heat pump installations in existing houses.

Surprisingly, one of the stingiest countries is Denmark. They are only offering €3,339 for air source heat pump installation and €4,772.90 for ground source heat pumps.

Many of the schemes across the block are similar in size and scope to the boiler upgrade scheme in the UK. This scheme offers up to £6,000 towards the cost of a heat pump system. There are other schemes available in the UK, including the Energy Company Obligation and The Nest Scheme. More information on these is available on our Funding for heat pumps page.

The UK government has set a target of 600,000 heat pump installs a year from now until the year 2028. However, the current install rate is way below this.

At WeLoveHeatPumps love to see how the EU is getting behind this technology. Our vision is for a fully sustainable and eco friendly housing stock both in The UK and abroad. We are very happy to see that we are not alone