Francis Rodino

Francis is an award winning growth marketing expert who specialises in helping construction trades grow their businesses online.

Francis is the driving force behind Lead Hero AI, an innovative AI-powered advertising agency dedicated to scaling SMEs through advanced automated sales funnels.  Lead Hero currently focusses on SMEs in the construction space, in particular plumbers and electricians.

Francis’s career has spanned over two decades and places him at the forefront of digital marketing and technology, significantly influencing global players such as the BBC and Omnicom Media Group. A notable highlight includes spearheading the digital team for Top Gear, catapulting their social media presence to an impressive 10 million Facebook followers.

Many of Francis’ clients have made their name installing traditional gas boilers, but they are now switching to heat pumps – especially with the new government grants available.

Francis is also a bit of a musician and performs under the name Caiyo.

“My clients are more and more realising that heat pumps are the future.  Over the last few years we’ve gone from doing 80% traditional boiler installs to 80% heat pump installs.  This technology is here to stay”.